Welcome to Barran!

Barran is a land of strife, war, politics, intrigue and adventure. The time is at the end of the Third Nation’s War of Barran, closing out 1000 years of conflict between the Kingdom of Islan Tel Nava and the Empire of Tel Al’Anor.  Sages and mystics, have seen a new era about to begin with the war’s end. Much of the world is either trampled fallow or are wild and over grown; lost to the multitude of monsters that wish to retake what was once taken by people.

The call has gone out for adventurer’s to help the people of Barran face this new age. Starvation, disease and predatory beasts have become the way of life, forcing the Mists protecting Barran to break and call new warriors and mages to save the people; lest the world be lost to the darkness forever.

Barran is high-fantasy medieval land where you have the opportunity to be the hero or villain, or anything in between, as the story plays out. The lands of Barran cry out from behind the Mists to aid the people of the Kingdom of Islan Tel Nava and the Empire of Tel Al’Anor to reclaim all that was neglected and lost during the last, great war. Where once there was terrible strife between these two nations, there is the talk of peace being brokered.

The lands of Barran are on a precipice. All of existence watches to see what will happen to the mortals of Barran. With your help, Barran may once again find its balance between shadow and light? You have the power to help write its destiny, which way will you choose?

The rules system that we use is the Alliance LARP Rulebook. for more information about Alliance LARP check them out here! The Alliance system allows you to participate in many campaigns across the Northern Hemisphere. You can build a character in one chapter (such as ours) and then travel and use the same character in our San Francisco chapter. This allows for you to find a campaign or campaigns that suit your play style and character. You may also have many characters and see each one grow and develop differently! Alliance LARP allows you to be everything you normally can’t be!