Character Transfer

Are you an Alliance Gettysburg Member wishing to transfer your character to another chapter to play one of their events? Use the form below to make your request.

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Are you a member of another Alliance LARP chapter wishing to transfer your character to our Logistics staff to play one of our events?

Make sure you are aware of our Transfer Policy outlined below:

Transfer Policy
Players wishing to transfer characters and/or items from other Alliance LARP campaigns may do so in accordance with the following transfer policy.

  1. Player must be 18 or older. See Age Policy for further details.
  2. Items not normally produced under the Production Point system, but that do not contain magical properties (such as livestock, slaves, or miscellaneous treasure), will be accepted on a case by case basis. Potion, Scroll, and Alchemy labs, as well as Weapon/Armor forges are not transferable between campaigns.
  3. All items or ritual effects marked LCO are non-transferable unless given special permission from both the items home chapter, and Alliance Gettysburg. The Head of Plot, GM or Owner are the only authorized people in Alliance Gettysburg that can give this permission.
  4. All other items and rituals created or distributed under the Alliance LARP Ritual Policy, or Treasure Policy are permitted for transfer.
  5. Note that Ritual Scrolls and Catalysts are LCO, and are not transferrable.
  6. The Alliance Gettysburg staff reserves the right to restrict any magic item, ritual, ritual effect, etc. at any time.