Standard Chapter Donations

We are looking for financial donations that can help us get this season off the ground and to make sure we can afford the important things. Donations help us with creation of the props, insurance and food committee stuff. If you are interested in donating to our chapter you will get the following things based on the level of your generosity. If we are able raise more, great! all of the donations will be used for the chapter to help us take care of what we need to make it the best we can!


We are offering 5 goblin stamps for every dollar donated.

– If you donate $50-99 You will also receive:

  • Free Membership until Dec 31st 2018

– If you donate $100+ you will receive:

  • 5:$1 gobbies, for every dollar donated.
  • Free Membership until Dec 31st 2018
  • (2) magic item “picks” + (1 more pick per full $50 over 100)
    • (see chapter policies)

If you donate $500+ you will receive:

  • 8:$1 gobbies, for every dollar donated.
  • (5) 1 year memberships* in the chapter (allocated among all donors)
    • This does not include event costs,
    • All 5 years may go to 1 person. (expiration Dec 31st 2022)
    • If given to 5 different people all memberships last until Dec 31st 2018.
  • (10) magic item “picks” + (1 more pick per full $50 over 500)
    • allocated among all donors if it is a group donation.
    • (see chapter policies for redemption)
  • (1) Free 3yr upgrade on (2) LCO items at time of redemption
    • it is a free upgrade on the item you buy the items with picks/gobbies

Donations can be made by pay-pal by clicking on the button above.


Our general Policy on donations is as follows:

      1. If you would not use it, we don’t want it. What this means is, if the item in question is not of a quality that you yourself would make use of then we will not be likely to accept it. Personal style, character style or theme are not what we are referring to.
      2. If it is not on the list of items needed then we may not accept it.While we are grateful for any donations you may bring to us, there are some things we just do not need any more of. While we would love to accept everything, it’s just not possible. Space to store all of the things involved is always an issue, and when we have too much of one thing we are not able to accept any more as we would have nowhere to store it. Please check the lists before you make any purchases, or spend hours constructing anything. We hate to turn away anyone with something to give, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
      3. You may ship your donation to us.We are more than happy to have you ship your donations to us. If you don’t have room in the car or are not going to make an event, ship it! Contact us first Use the same shipping address that is used for sending us checks. Make sure you let us know who you are and your player number, please.
      4. Standard Gobby to Dollar rate. (* higher rates are in effect at this time) Our standard reward rate is 3 Goblin stamps per dollar. So make sure you keep your receipt as otherwise we are going to guess. We also reward time spent working at 20 goblin stamps per hour. Specifically requested or needed donations may have an increased ratio, which will be posted on the Donations page, or in the Donations thread on the message board.
      5. Quality. Higher quality items will get more stamps. It’s as simple as that. If you make us the most kick-ass long sword ever made, you will get more stamps for it than the guy who spent 15 min in the car ride up making a long sword from an old fishing rod, and leftover foam.
      6. Talk to us! The staff will decide based on the above policy and our current needs what is a fair and rewarding amount of stamps to compensate you for your donation. If you feel you are not being treated fairly let us know, we will try to work something out.