Event Registration

Please make sure you are familiar with the Alliance Gettysburg Policies regarding member age, transferring characters, and magic items.

To pay for individual events or a Season Pass please go to our Events Calendar.

Explanation of Fees

    • 1 Year Membership – $15 NOW LOWER! (as of 3.3.14)
    • Module Day : $15 Preregister / $20 At Door
    • Faire Day : $30 Preregister / $35 At Door
    • Weekend : $65 Preregister / $80 At Door
    • Long Weekend : $75 Pre-register / $90 At Door
    • NOTE (Preregistration pricing ends the Wednesday prior to event at midnight)
    • Event Meals : By donation only. Normal food for an event is included in your entry fee. Special meals or parties on site may require a “buy in” to participate
    • Payment by Check: Make checks payable to, Marauder Industries and put Alliance Gettysburg in the notes section and what the check is for. (i.e. Alliance Gettysburg / regis. Sept.) Checks must be received no later than 7 days before the event to count as a pre-registration.(This means the Friday preceding the event)
    • Mailing/Shipping address: Alliance Gettysburg, 519 Pine Street, Steelton PA 17113
    • Returned Check Fee : $35


(PCs and NPCs must have an Annual Membership in good standing in order to attend Events)  NOTE: If you buy a Season Pass your membership is part of the deal.

      • Year Membership (also! get 100 gobbies)

Players Guide:

This 121 page .pdf introduces players the vast world of Barran!!   This great read can really help you navigate the world and understand it’s inhabitants.

    • $5.00 PDF Version (print edition coming soon).

Food Committee Donations:

Donate to the Alliance Gettysburg Food Committee to help keep our taverns well stocked and hungry players fed during events! Our standard reward rate is 5 Goblin stamps per dollar.