The Guilds of Barran play a huge role in the preservation of knowledge throughout the lands. Joining a guild can open additional layers of role playing for those who desire a more immersive experience. Do you have what it takes to join a guild and rise through its ranks. What secrets might you learn?

Apothecary Brotherhood (Alchemists, Potionmakers, Poisoners)

Celestial and Arcane Mysteries (Celestial Scholars, Scroll Makers,
Fortunetellers, Diviners)

Order of the Earth “Health and Wisdom” (Earth Scholars, Healers, Advisors)

The Llyn Bards (Bards)

Brotherhood of Anvil and Iron (Blacksmiths, Armorers)

Engineers Guild “Cog Smiths” (Engineers, Trap Makers, Siege Crafters)

Jewelers and Gem Cutters (Copper, Silver, Gold smiths, Minters, Gem Cutters, Miners)

Sages Guild (Purveyors of Knowledge, Patents, Heraldry & Secrets)

Builders “Stone and Board” (Masons, Sculptors, Carpenters, Plumbers, Shipwrights, Woodworkers)

Teamsters and Seamen’s Guild (Movement of goods by hoof, foot or ship,
Farriers, Stablers, Etc.)

Clothiers Leatherworkers Guild (Weaving, Dying, Shearing, Embroidery, Taylors and Canvassers, Tanners, Cordwainer, Saddler, Skinners, Girdlers, Cobblers)

Hearth and Home (Butchers, Poulters, Fishmongers, Drovers, Herders, Farmers, Trappers Bakers)

Brewers Guild (Brewers, Glassblowers, Potters, Beekeepers, Candle makers Etc.)

Order of the Wilde (Foresters, Rangers, Fletchers, and Bowyers)

Merryment Guild (Tavernkeeps, Patrons, Party Planners, Ect.)