NPC Pre-Game/Registration Procedure

NPC Before the Event

  1. Verify your Annual Membership is in good standing by e-mailing If you need to pay for your Membership, click here or bring your membership fee to the Event.
  2. Verify you have filled out our Legal Release Form by e-mailing You can send Logistics a signed, scanned copy via e-mail, or bring your signed copy to the Event. Copies will also be available at logistics.
  3. Fill out our NPC Registration Form

NPC At the Event

  1. Arrive on site the Day/Night of the Event
  2. Put on white headband to signify you are Out of Game (OOG) before entering the Campsite
  3. Check in with Logistics to Pay any outstanding balances you may have and receive your NPC card and cabin assignment.
  4. Present your NPC card to Monter Camp to receive your NPC packet
  5. Present any extra costuming you may have brought for inspection and Gobbie awards
    • In period Footwear (+10gs)
    • In period Belt (+10gs)
    • In period Bag (+10gs)
    • In period townsfolk costume (+30gs)
    • Own makeup (+10gs)
    • Own racial prosthetics (+10gs)
    • Own weapons (+20gs)
  6. Prepare for your first assignment (to be provided by Monster Camp)

NPC During the Event

  1. Receive 1st assignment
    • Based on your skill set / interests and the needs of Monster Camp you will be assigned a task. This could be an administrative, role play, or combat role. You will be given instruction as to what you need to complete this task (costuming, makeup, stats, treasure, tools, set pieces, encounter rules, team leader, etc.)
    • When you (and/or your group) are ready, you will head out into the Game Area to complete your first task. This may require you to stay OOG the entire time (keep your white headband on) or you may be going IG (take off your white headband).
    • When the task is completed (or your encounter head has deemed the task completed), go OOG (put your white headband on) and return to Monster camp.
  2. Rest / Refuel / Rehydrate / Relieve yourself
  3. When you are ready, receive your 2nd assignment
  4. Repeat until Closing Ceremonies

NPC End of Event

  1. After closing ceremonies has concluded, please assist in:
    • the tear down of all remaining sets
    • collection of all props
    • clean up of your bunk
    • clean up of NPC Camp
    • clean up of bathrooms
    • clean up of Site
    • clean up of Kitchen
  2. Return all items in your NPC packet to Head of Wardrobe
  3. Return all Chapter weapons/props/stat cards
  4. Pack your gear into your vehicle
  5. Request inspection of your area and sign off on Additional Gobbie rewards (if applicable)
  6. Have a safe trip home!!!