Welcome to Barran!

When the barriers between the lands last closed, ancient beings were awakening, and foul alliances were forming. Wild magic tore through the land, ripping it asunder. The fourth great war of the Younger started and discord reigned. The use of ancient wild magics threatened to spill over the mists and rip Fortannis asunder. For this reason the Mist-walkers closed Barran off, once again, until the wild magics ran their course.

The mists of Barran are opening to the rest of Fortannis…

Adventurers are being called to Barran once more. The world is a much darker place than once remembered. Terrifying, dark beasts roam the forests waiting to snatch up the unwary. Villagers huddle in their homes at night, waiting for the dead to once more, settle back into the ground. Dead-walk is a terrifying time to be out and about on the roads.

Heroes have been missing from the lands for a long time.

Now the Adventurers and Heroes are being called once again, the remnants of a once greater place, the village of Knoch’len is in need. The village and its people are being harried by a pillaging goblinoid hoard. These goblins have been wreaking havoc along the countryside, demanding tribute and attacking settlements who can’t pay the price. Here, on the bones of a brighter yesterday, the Adventurers are called. There will be much to explore, enemies to fight and catching up for those that chose to leave Barran in its greatest time of need.

The rules system that we use is the Alliance LARP Rulebook. for more information about Alliance LARP check them out here! The Alliance system allows you to participate in many campaigns across the Northern Hemisphere. You can build a character in one chapter (such as ours) and then travel and use the same character in our San Francisco chapter. This allows for you to find a campaign or campaigns that suit your play style and character. You may also have many characters and see each one grow and develop differently! LARP Gettysburg allows you to be everything you normally can’t be!