Welcome to Barran!

Traveler’s Enchiridion of Barony Mercer, Islan Tel Nava
Prepared by Scribe Emmanuel Lars

You are in Barran, whether born of the land or having traveled through the mists from another place. To be specific, you are in Islan Tel Nava, colloquially known as The Kingdom.

In the village of Knoch’len where our Mistwalking adventurers often find themselves, the Dead Walk Inn and Tavern has become something of a bastion of a budding revolution in Barony Mercer against the Kingdom of Islan Tel Nava. Heroes, Mistwalkers, had been barred from Barran for nigh one hundred years. They were held away by wild magics that made attempts to traverse from Fortannis into Barran impossible, those of Barran unable to return. Guilds crumbled, the land was ravaged. New problems arose without the intervention of adventurers, some as a consequence of the actions taken before wild magics surged through Barran.

Our heroes face many threats, but remain unbowed.

The Kingdom’s suppression of Formal Rituals through the use of deadly ritual hounds as well as other manipulations and oppressions bearing down upon the Barony lead to its rather bloody departure from the control of Queen Ra’ban. Below the village of Knoch’len a place known as Centerwatch where strange experiments had been performed, a place of progress but at what cost? Tunnels from Centerwatch disgorged creatures that had been held below, some humanoid hybrids with marks that would ensure their final death should they be killed. The Duchess and Inquisitor sent to spy upon the Barony of Mercer were killed, their own marks that protected them from the ritual hands transferred via ritual to those who would better wield them, and marks transferred from the hybrids of Centerwatch to secure final death without a return to their Earth Circle.

For some time, the Baron worked with our intrepid Mistwalkers to protect the barony from outside threats and the oppressions of the Kingdom. The Sheriff of Barony Mercer was imprisoned in a cup that was placed in the Sheriff’s office for a time, after he stayed loyal to the Kingdom despite the Baron’s rebellion. All told, he has been a fair and equitable ruler of the region and has kept the needs of his people at the forefront of his mind. He did, that is, before his untimely disappearance. A thorough search of his manor has revealed signs of a struggle, but neither hide nor hair of the Baron. Without his logistical support the Baronial guard has suffered for resources, but have been aided by Mistwalkers in maintaining supplies and force to fight back monsters as well as attempts to take back the Barony by the Kingdom.

Over time, the adventurers have made peace with or forged alliances and contracts with various more intelligent monster races such as friendly goblins (the Azure Neck tribe) and amalgamated beast men from Centerwatch. Oddly enough, some have even been known to feed some of the local Howlbears in order to dissuade them from eating the people of Knoch’len.

Recently, the Elder of Knoch’Len, a Sylvanborn by the name of Celestian Dawnbringer, dissipated into a fine sand in the Dead Walk Inn. Before his death, he transferred some power and his foci to his apprentice, a young human Scholar named Sonya Albright. Since, she has been helping adventurers and tasking them with retrieving Celestian’s lost knowledge to aid in their struggle.

Prior to Celestian’s death, strange floating eyes were spotted roaming about the area, observing the adventurers and people of Knoch’len, with one fighting the other in magical combat. Up to his death and since, fae have been making an incursion into Knoch’Len. Some have been causing mischief, while others seem to be taking a shine to the adventurers and playing high-stakes games of chance or gifting them with magical items and ritual scrolls to aid them. As of yet, none have caused any direct, serious harm to come to pass.

The dead walk each evening in Barran, and have been known to for as long as any living being can remember. Investigating a recent necromantic blight on the land lead to the discovery of chaos-corrupted dryads, and new and more powerful undead have been witnessed during the hours of “Deadwalk”, a period of time at night when the new day begins in which the restless dead rise and gravitate toward sources of light, noise, merriment, and life. The Mistwalkers have had to contend with trying to understand and get ahead of the more organized undead threat, with a strange symbol of a jawless skull with a crown continually appearing. Something, someone, has been commanding and collecting the undead.

Dark days are on the horizon, but the adventurers of Barran and their allies from beyond the mist are more than up to the task.

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