Live Action Role Play Near Me

Trying to find live action role play events near you may be a bit more difficult than you anticipated. Part of this is because there are a few different rules for every event and another part is because a lot of the publicity is simply word of mouth.

LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing, is a free-form roleplaying game where everyone gets to portray a character that they create themselves. They will take on the appearance of their character, their speech patterns, and act within the storyline. These events are growing in popularity and it may be easier to find a live action role play near you than you might expect.

Where Can I Find a Live Action Role Play Near Me?

To find a live action role play near you, your best bet is to look online. At Alliance Gettysburg, we have players from all over Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, and more. 

We use the Alliance LARP Rulebook, which means that if you participate in any of the other LARP events that use this Rulebook, you will be able to build a character and then use that same character at another event. This will allow you to build up your character.

You can search online for “Live Action Role Play Near Me” and you will likely find websites like Alliance’s that are geared towards the LARPs in your area. It is also likely that you will find some of the information on Facebook. 

Another way to find live action role play in your area is to ask at local gaming stores, particularly those that sell tabletop RPG games or those that have groups of their own. Check out the bulletin boards that they have and you might find something that catches your eye.

To start LARPing near you, it is a good idea to review some of the social media and information on the website. If you have friends who LARP, maybe attend an event with them. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Going To Live Action Role Play Near Me?

Before going to a live action role play near you, you may want to do some research about the world of that specific event. For example, at Alliance LARP Gettysburg, we work within the World of Barran and all of its different planes.

Before attending a LARP even for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with the maps, worlds, and terminology used. While most events will have people there to help you get acquainted with the world, it will be better for you to do at least some research.

You should also go into your first LARP event with a character. With Alliance, your character needs to be registered with the Character Management Application or CMA. This database contains all of the characters used in LARPing events, including name, race, chapter, and abilities. 

What Are The Rules Of Live Action Role Play Near Me?

While most live action role playing events will work within the same or similar rule books, it is important to look at the rules ahead of time. It is important to review the rules before you go, because it could change the type of costuming you wear or what you bring with you.

For example, weapons are heavily regulated by rules, so you want to ensure that the weapons you bring fit within the guidelines. Materials, appearance, and usage are all dictated by the rules.

Interested In Live Action Role Play In Pennsylvania?

Alliance Gettysburg is a high fantasy live action role play game. There are multiple playable races within the World of Barran, including Elves, Dwarves, Humans and more – create the character that you’ve always dreamt about. Your imagination is the limit, and if you want to travel to attend our events, it is likely that you will be able to use that same character in live action role playing events near you.