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LARPing Maryland: What You Need To Know

Finding information about LARPing Maryland can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry, we can help you out. If you live in Maryland or near it, you may want to consider joining Alliance LARP Gettysburg at one of our events in Pennsylvania. It is just a short drive for a... Continue Reading

What To Bring To LARP Events In PA?

What should you bring with you when you go to LARP events in PA? It’s a common question because Pennsylvania has a lot of different climates, terrains, and areas. In the end, it is going to depend on where you go for these events. You will need a basic set... Continue Reading

How To Find LARPing Near Me

If you are trying to find LARPing near you, it could be difficult as there are some areas of the state and country that do not have active groups. However, as live action role playing continues to grow in popularity, more and more are popping up. There will be a... Continue Reading

LARPing in Delaware: Everything You Need To Know In One Post

Looking to start LARPing in Delaware? There is a lot to know and one of the main things is that while there are some opportunities because Delaware is such a small state, there are some limitations. Instead of LARPing in Delaware, people will often go into the surrounding states in... Continue Reading

Live Action Role Play Near Me

Trying to find live action role play events near you may be a bit more difficult than you anticipated. Part of this is because there are a few different rules for every event and another part is because a lot of the publicity is simply word of mouth. LARPing, or... Continue Reading