LARP Event Checklist

What do I bring to an event? 

An event is a camping trip and a role-playing event in one. You need all the necessary equipment and gear for camping as well as the garb, items and weapons your character needs.

Here is a list of important items to bring:

  1. Sleeping Bag/Blankets – Some events are cold. Make sure to bring extras!
  2. Toiletries – Showering feels good and is appreciated by others!
  3. Towel – Never leave home without it.
  4. Makeup w/ remover and mirror – Essential for makeup heavy races
  5. Spare socks, boots and underwear – Your feet will get wet. Extra socks are a must!
  6. Costume, Accessories and Props – Anything you need for your impression.
  7. Armor/Weapons/Repair Materials – Duct Tape is the universal adhesive.
  8. Medication and First Aid Kit – We don’t want you to die.
  9. Lights – Maybe you can see in the dark, but most of us cannot.
  10. Spell Packets (for spell casters, alchemists and archers)
  11. Insect Repellent – Unless you really like mosquitoes
  12. Gloves – Keeps your hands warm and protects you from accidentally poisoning your character
  13. Food and Drink – Meals are generally available in the tavern through the efforts of the AGB Food Committee, but it’s a good idea to have some of your own as well. Dehydration is the enemy! No alcohol.