LARPing Guide To Barran

Barran is a land of strife, war, politics, intrigue and adventure. Much of the world is either trampled fallow or has become wild and over grown; lost to the multitude of monsters that wish to retake what was once taken by people. Starvation, disease and predatory beasts have become the way of life, and all of Barran calls out for deliverance.

The Planes of Barran

Mortal Plane (common name), includes Barran-khet & Barran-sheut
Barran-khet – the upper world of Barran
Barran-sheut – the lower world of Barran

The Planes of the Lords of Truth Life, Death, Magic, Knowledge, Time, these planes are attached to Barran as the other planes, but their denizens are not considered like other Elder, they do not live in the mortal plane and they seem to work silently and unseen in Barran.
The Lords of Truth have allowed their planes to develop without much
interference, preferring to carry out their tasks in the dance of existence. The beings that reside here do not actively direct others actions and may seem like shades or incorporeal if spotted in the mortal plane.

Dragon Planes
This is the plane where Dragons live and grow; it is their home and their original seat of power. Each of the Anan’ta have formed cities on Barran that are believed to be anchor points to the Dragon Planes, but it is also said that they may be seats for somewhat more than just Dragon magic.

Elemental Planes
Plane names are commonly known by their element and house the Elementals that fall under the leadership of the Elemental Singers; they are involved in the world of Barran actively and live under the original design of their element. Fire, Ice, Stone, Lightning, Chaos, Order, Life & Death are the common elemental planes known to mortals

Eternal Lands
Fae Plane
The Fae Plane houses the city of Tor and the Realms of the Seven, and all those that dwell within. This plane is ruled by the Court of the Moon and Stars, with the Realms of the Seven branching out from the center. Only Four Anan’ta remain, but the domains of the lost Three remain a part of the Eternal Lands.

The Dream
Apsuudi was once a plane unto its own, the Anan’ta saw with the lifeblood of magic in Barran, that the seeds of the dream plane were expanding and growing beyond its bounds. Now it is interwoven into every realm, fed by the overflowing magics of Barran and shaped by cataclysms and choice. The Apsuudi is thought to manifest as places of power anchoring it and causing the veils to thin between the realms. Dreams and Nightmares have come forth onto the lands of Barran, mortal and immortal alike, stalking Younger and Elder in waking and in slumber…