LARPing Information

What genre of Fantasy is Alliance Larp Gettysburg?

Alliance Gettysburg is a high fantasy game. There are multiple playable races including Elves, Dwarves, Humans and many more. Magic is a regular part of the game world ranging from battle spells to high magic. You can be a soldier, a sage, a craftsman or a battle mage. Your imagination is the limit.

What is combat like at an event?

Combat uses boffer or latex weapons. The game is a touch based system, and characters have a set of hit points. Each type of weapon is assigned a number based on the amount of damage that weapon would do if it were real. In addition, each player can buy skills to increase this number. You will have a certain number of points based on your skills and the type/amount of armor worn. As you attack, you will call out that amount. As you are struck, you subtract the amount by which you have been hit. When you reach zero you fall to the ground (safely) unconscious.

What should I bring to my first event?

Please review the First Event Checklist

If you have additional questions please reach out to our New Player Rep. They can answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate information.

How do I check in at an event?

Check-in is held in the main lodge at the Olivet Blue Mountain Camp. The Head of Logistics will be available to provide your character card and items. Weapons Marshals and Rules Marshals will be there to inspect your weapons and answer rules questions. It is highly recommended to register in advance but you are allowed to handle your logistics at the event.

How do I make a character?

Please read the rule book first. Many of your questions can be answered by doing a little research. Our New Player Rep can help answer questions and make recommendations with character creation. Once you have your character concept fleshed out, please create your character using the Character Management Application (CMA).

What is a PC and an NPC?

A PC is defined as a Player Character. Each player is a PC and you play a character that is of you own creation. You write the character history, you choose what skills the character has, what they look like, what race they are, how they interact with the world etc. An NPC, Non-playable Character, are the monsters, teachers, plot specific characters, etc. They are there to entertain the players.

How much does it cost?

For a PC, typical events cost $70. You also need to purchase a yearly chapter membership which is $30.

NPCs play for free each event but still need to pay the membership fee.

Click here for more information on fees.

Are meals provided?

Alliance Gettysburg typically prepares 2-3 meals on Saturday and one on Sunday. We have a food committee and the food is provided through donations.

How can I make donations?

Alliance Gettysburg accepts both cash donations and donations of garb, armor, weapons, props, and may other items. Our exact policy is found here.

How old do I have to be to play?

You must be 14 years or older to play Alliance Gettysburg.

How is safety addressed?

Here are a couple of our most basic safety rules:


As outlined in the rule book, whenever the call of “HOLD!” is yelled, it must be repeated by all players. All combat and other in-game interactions must cease immediately until the hold is resolved. You must call a hold personally if you encounter an unsafe situation (someone falls, is injured, etc).


Absolutely no open flames are allowed inside of any buildings. This includes the tavern, out buildings or cabins.  Depending on the venue and the time of year, open fire pits may be allowed outside so long as they are tended by someone at all times.


Smoking is only allowed in designated out-of-game areas.  Please make sure to fully extinguish flame and ash, and to dispose of all butts and other refuse properly.


Alliance is a 24-hour event, meaning that there is action going on at all hours, even at night!  This means that moving between areas in the dark can be potentially hazardous and a light will be required. Remember, please, that all lights must be in-period! We recommend Coleman LED lanterns as they can be decorated to look proper and they will save you from falling.  If you are a character who can cast a “Light” spell then a small flashlight with a red cover to diffuse the light is allowed to be used.  The light should always be pointed at the ground; never shine a light in another player’s face.

Alcohol and drugs:

Absolutely no alcohol or illicit substances are allowed to be consumed at any Alliance events. This includes imbibing off-site and then returning to the event later.