LARPing New York: What You Need To Know Before You Go

Looking for information on LARPing New York? It can be difficult to really pick the best live action role playing events from the ones you should stay away from because New York has a pretty wide variety. The good news is that Alliance LARP Gettysburg is a live action roleplaying group that hosts events open to residents of New York. We have a few events every year that welcome you to Pennsylvania. At Alliance Gettysburg, we have LARP players from New York as well as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, and many more.

However, we know that some people are looking for information about live action role playing in New York because they are new to it, so we want to help you out there as well.

LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing, is a free-form roleplaying game where each person gets to portray a character that they create themselves. While playing, LARPers take on the appearance of their character, including their clothes, their patterns of speech, their thought processes, and more, acting within the storyline created by everyone playing the game. This is really a group effort. LARPING in New York continues to grow in recognition, but not all events are created equally.

LARP New York: How Do I Find A Good Event Near Me?

Finding a LARP event isn’t difficult if you know where to look. Your best option is to start online and see what links you can find there. To find a live-action roleplay event in New York, you can simply search for it. Another option is to show up at events like Alliance LARP has and make connections within the community. From there, you will find out about other experiences and other groups.

If you still haven’t discovered any LARP events in New York, you may need to take to the streets and ask around in communities where people either LARP themselves or know people who LARP. This can include people at local gaming stores that sell tabletop RPG games.

To start LARPing in New York, it is a good idea to look at the social media of each different event and the moderators of that event. It will tell you the info that you need to safely start playing. When possible, we suggest bringing a buddy with you.

The key to live action role-playing in New York is to just begin and then the opportunities will quickly start to show themselves to you.

Does LARPING in New York Have Different Rules?

Before you go to a LARP event in New York, you want to look on their website or social media to see their rule book. While a large number of events will have the same or quite similar rules, it is crucial that you refresh yourself. Certain events will have certain rules about what you can bring with you, what your clothing can look like, and more.

For example, depending on the setting, you may not be able to bring a specific type of vehicle due to size limitations. At other events, you may not be able to bring tools made out of particular materials. Even if you go to an event that is sponsored by the same organization, you may want to check the rules again – things are always shifting and developing.

How To Get The Best Experience LARPing In New York

Before going to any LARP event, you want to do some research about that event and the world in which you will play. You may want to learn more about the different people, systems, and activities within that world. This will give you the best experience. For example, at Alliance LARP Gettysburg, we work within the World of Barran and all of its different planes.

If you can, look at the guides, worlds, and terminology used by that specific host group and event. It doesn’t have to take you a long time, but it should take a bit.

You should also go into your first LARP event with a character. Your character needs to be registered with the Character Management Application or CMA. This database has all of the characters used in LARPing events, including name, race, chapter, and capabilities.

Interested In Live Action Role Play In Pennsylvania?

Alliance Gettysburg is a high fantasy live-action role play game. There are multiple playable races within the World of Barran, including Elves, Dwarves, Humans and more – create the character that you’ve always dreamt about. Your creativity is the limit, and if you want to travel to attend our events, it is likely that you will be able to use that same character in live action role playing events near you.

We host our events in Pennsylvania, but we welcome LARPers from and all over the country – the more players, the better. Reach out to us today if you have any questions or concerns moving forward.