PC Pre-Game/Registration Procedure

PC Before the Event

  1. Pay your event fee.  REMINDER – It is $10 more to pay at the door
  2. Verify you have filled out our Legal Release Form by e-mailing barran.logistics@gmail.com.  You can send Logistics a signed, scanned copy via e-mail, or bring your signed copy to the Event. Copies will also be available at logistics
  3. Register your character using the CMA
    1. You must have your character registered in order for your character levels to be counted in our Treasure Policy. Failure to register means less treasure for everyone.

PC At the Event

  1. Arrive on site the Day/Night of the Event
  2. Put on white headband to signify you are Out of Game (OOG) before entering the Campsite
  3. Check in with Logistics to Pay any outstanding balances you may have, pick up your player packet (or update your character) and receive your Tent or Cabin assignment.
  4. Unload your costuming/gear into your assigned tent area or cabin.
  5. Put on your costume/armor/racial make up etc.
  6. Return to Logistics for Armor/Weapon safety check (if applicable)
  7. If we are holding Opening Ceremonies for this event, logistics should let you know where and when this will take place. If not (or if you have arrived after Opening Ceremonies) you will Enter the Game one of two ways:
    • If your character was in Barran prior to the event: Go In Game (IG) at your tent or cabin (as if you have just stowed your gear). Don’t forget to remove your white headband (but keep it and your character card with you at all times)
    • If your character is arriving in Barran from another chapter: Request a Mist-Walker escort at Logistics. An NPC will be assigned to you as your (or your groups) personal Mist-Walker. They will explain to you the Local Chapter Only (LCO) rules and role play your entrance into Barran. Please Note: You may be required to enter the game away from your sleeping space and team-mates. Be on your guard!

PC End of Event

  1. After closing ceremonies has concluded, please assist in:
    • the tear down of all remaining sets
    • collection of all props
    • clean up of your bunk/tent
    • clean up of your lodging area
    • clean up of bathrooms
    • clean up of Site
    • clean up of Kitchen
  2. Return all Chapter owned props to Monster Camp (if applicable)
  3. Place teacher cards / notes into Logistics box
  4. Write your In Between Game Action on the provided note cards and place in the Logistics box
  5. Pack your gear into your vehicle
  6. Request inspection of your area and sign off on Additional Gobbie rewards (if applicable)
  7. Have a safe trip home!!!