What To Bring To LARP Events In PA?

What should you bring with you when you go to LARP events in PA? It’s a common question because Pennsylvania has a lot of different climates, terrains, and areas. In the end, it is going to depend on where you go for these events. You will need a basic set of gear for any LARP event, including your costume, provisions, and anything else to make you comfortable. However, certain locations will also call for special things.

Most LARP events aren’t held too far away from stores where you can pick up something that you forgot, but going to these stores will cut into your playing time and can cause you to miss important plot points and events in the game.

Learn More About Your Site

The first thing you want to do is learn about the site where the LARP event will take place as well as the conditions of the event there. Will you be camping? Do you need to get a motel offsite? Can you bring food? Once you know about the rules and regulations of the location, you will be able to plan for the event.

A lot of what you are bringing can be planned far in advance, but you should also pay attention to the weather conditions and any last-minute changes that take place.

Bring Your Costume

Of course, the most important thing to bring with you to a live action role playing event is your costume. You want to start as far ahead as you can. Character costumes and props take time to build and cost money, so most people like to spread that over some time. 

You want to focus on your character clothes, of course. Everything should fit within the rules of the specific event, which means that you may have to make changes to your costume and props. 

You want to think about what you will wear out of costume as well. It can get cold at night in Pennsylvania, so you want to prepare for that. It is important to have layers so that you can protect against mosquitos during the summer months. 

Think About Your Other Needs

When you are at a LARP event in PA, you want to bring some of the basic necessities with you, including the toiletries that you need to clean up after running around all day, first aid materials, painkillers, and a few comfort items. While the sites used for LARPing events in PA are usually well maintained, slipping and other accidents do happen. 

Think about the personal medications that you will need as well – you never want to be caught without them.

Food For LARP Events in PA

It is a good idea to plan your food ahead and remember that you will be eating for fuel and simplicity. Of course, you need to check if your event is catered or if there is some sort of community meal. Even so, you may want to bring your own snacks and a few drinks of your choice. Do not bring alcoholic drinks unless it specifically says that you can.

If your event isn’t catered, you want to bring foods that are easy to make and ensure that you have all of the supplies you need to cook them. Never plan for anything already being in the location unless you are specifically told that there is a refrigerator, microwave, or oven present, for example.

Interested In LARP Events in Pennsylvania?

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