What is LARP?

According to Dictionary.com Larp is the following:



a type of role-playing game in which each participant assumes a particular character and acts out various scenarios at events which last for a predetermined time


(intr) to participate in such an event

That is the dictionary definition but it does not capture the essence of what larp and larping are. Larp is mystery, fascinating characters, intense adventure, intrigue, tangible magic, and heart-pounding action. It’s imagination run wild, suspension of disbelief and can be very real.

The central idea is role-playing, where you get to take on the role of someone else. It’s not just anyone, but someone you create based on the rules of the particular game you are playing. It’s been said that live action role-playing is a cross between tabletop role-playing games and improvisational acting.

This means you act as your character would. If you create a character that loves to fight, or sing, or gamble you’ll probably take every opportunity to do those activities. Your actions do have consequences so be mindful as you will reap what you sow! Larp is like being in a play where most of the actors don’t have scripts or know only a few lines. Larp is also friends, family and a sense of community second to none!